Fitness Services

your First SESSION is always complimentary

The primary goal of your new or continued fitness journey is to be comfortable where you put in your effort.  Come try out a 1-on-1 session or group class on us!  

Private Training

    $70-85 per session

Discover a healthier you.  Private one-on-one training is the best way to ensure your goals are being met while keeping the client accountable.  Under the eye of a professional your individual progress is carefully tracked.  Each session will incorporate the necessary methods to ensure that the client maximizes their potential.

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Partner (2 on 1) Training

$50 per person

Train with a friend or get matched up with someone of a similar skill level!  Training 2 on 1 has many of the individualized benefits of 1-on-1 training, but is a little more budget friendly.  Each training session is tailored to the needs of both individuals.  It's  a great way to have fun with a friend or significant other as well!


Small Group  Training

$35 per person

3-4 people per group

Train with friends or get put in a group with people of similar skill levels!  Each workout consists of a warm up, strength and cardio circuits, and intermittent mobility.  A better alternative to large group fitness classes as small groups allow the trainer to focus on form and movement patterns more closely. 


Re-Starting Oct 2020

$20 per class

$109/month unlimited with auto-bill

$119/month unlimited paid monthly

This class is designed for the person that wants a varied and well-balanced workout in a group environment.  A group warm up followed by cardio and strength circuits will surely leave you feeling accomplished!  Fast paced, but customizable for all fitness levels.

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Mobility & Movement Class

Improve Balance, Mobility, and Human Movement
$35 per class


A slower paced class that will challenge your strength, mobility, balance, and joint control.  Think of this as a “tune-up” for your body as well as a preventative tool for your overall wellness as age creeps in on us.  Great for those with aches and pains, pre or post surgery, or those that want to maintain optimal tissue and joint health. Keep your body moving, healthy and pain free!